How does Black ops 2 make even teams?

Does it go by K/D as I heard somewhere or does it go by win/loss or some other stat? I have noticed it will continously and relentlesly put 5 people on my team with a .35 KD and who are brain dead where as the other team always gets 2.00+ KD players who are genius and use their brain. I see they all join randomly too so I know they are not in a party. Also, fun fact, anytime there are two sets of split screeners I get bothe of them on my team, awesome. Anyway, I was just curious as how it makes the teams. It just cracks me up when it says balancing teams when it is obviously stacking one team.


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Public matchmaking doesn't have any skill-based mechanics in it.

Ping and Latency is what MP is matchmade with, with a tiny, tiny bit of rank, latest game score, maybe some stat stuff, but 99% of it is Latency and Ping, the "rest" seems really random and its always been like that in COD. No "skill based" matchmaking.

It resets the time counter to 9 and encourages everybody to drop out of the room until everybody drops.  This is one of the worst "features" of the game and sometimes causes more frustration than anything.  

12 players

Balancing Teams

9 seconds

someone drops out-11players

re-balancing teams

9 seconds

someone joins

re-balancing teams

9 seconds

someone drops

re-balancing teams

9 seconds...

over and over and over...

^^Well, you want "balance" but people quit out and that effects the "numbers", so it has to "balance" again, duH. The COMMUNITY is the problem again. BTW, the "balance" seems random to me most of the time.