How Does Achievement Completion Percentage Work?

Does the percentage go off the achievement score earned 1000/1000, or the number of achievements 50/50? For instance, if a retail game had just two achievements: one worth 10(G) and the other worth 990(G)... and you only obtained the single 10(G) achievement... would that count as 50% completion or 1%??


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Microsoft uses the achievements as the criteria for completion, not the gamerscore. If you look at your games played on, there will be a completion bar for gamerscore, a completion bar for achievements (i.e 45/50) and a completion percentage. The completion percentage is tied directly to the achievement completion bar.

For example, on Superman the Video game, I have 1000/1000, but I did not unlock the achievement for using a cheat code (it is a 0GS achievement). So, it says I have 17/18 achievements and only 94% completion. uses the number of achievements to calculate the completion percentage. But if you calculated it gamerscore-wise I'd still consider that a good representation of your completion percentage. Gamerscore distribution is not always very logical and there's 0 point achievements, so it's not perfect. It's a matter of opinion which one is better. Taking the average of both would be pretty good, I think. But I don't really mind which one is used.



Good to know, guys. I want to go back on some of my games to boost my completion percentage and it will help me knowing this bit of info. thanks.