How do you use the Master Key gift?

I picked a wanderer and selected master key, but I can't open any locked doors with it.  What's the point of having this?  I feel like I should start over and pick something else because I cannot beat the asylum demon.  Or am I missing something?


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Master Key isn't supposed to unlock EVERY door. Only ones you require a key for that aren't part of the main story. Pretty sure.

you cant open story related doors with it.

according to the devs of the game, in a video interview he stated "my only tip would be dont pick the master key your first time, as you WILL waste it".

*4 month old necro.* >___>

Does anyone else seem to have a problem with the master key apparently being...uh..entirely not in the freaking game? >:/

I started a pyromancer and picked the key. Wasn't in my inventory.

I started a THIEF.

STILL wasn't in my inventory.

The other gifts all seem to work.

It's just the freaking key that's missing.

I had no problems with it.


*Irritated sigh.*

Well then what the crap, man?

yeah I was most pleased with it it opens up the easy route to blight town for a starter.

after you kill ornstein and smough there will be a merchant on the bridge going to undeadberg by firelink shrine and you can just buy one.