How do you unlock sniper knockout .300?


how the hell do you unlock sniper .300 knockout. I have completed assignment 1 & 2. I can see my progress. What the f#$%& is processional syndicate? I cant even find it in my assignments. How the hell am I suppose to know where I stand to unlock the weapon. This is suppose to be fun, not frustrating.....i don't speak battlefield nor do I wanna learn.... Anyone care to comment!


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Look in your assignments.It's near the bottom.'Proffessional symdicate'.

To unlock the assignment you need professional assignment 2, 10 professional weapons or gear bought, and at least one gold service star with professional. Once you do that you need to get 200 more kills with sniper rifles, 15 marksman coins (200m of headshot over 50m) 15 camera coins, and to reach the 4th tier on your rep track.

Assuming you did all that check for a battlepack, many get caught up on this part.

Thanks guys I got it figured out now.....