How do you spot?

I see i get the points for spotting but i have no clu ehow.


do you have to just look at the enemy or do you have to hit the select button like in bc2?


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The back button. I did it this morning that way just to see if it worked and low and behold, an orange triangle popped up as soon as I pressed it.

I was trying last night.  It didn't seem to work for me.  I have spotted thousands in BC2, so it's not an issue if I'm capable.

Worked for me no problem. Hard to see with the graphics the way they are.

this time it seems like they have to be in view for the triangle to be visable, if the enemy duck down or hide out of site then so does the triangle, while popping into view brings it back up.

i guess its good in a way, much like real life, but i had a few easy kills because i knew as soon as i saw it, to pull the trigger

The range has been reduced from other BF titles. Also the spot only appears while the play is in line of sight, as soon as the player moves behind cover the spot is removed.

on tuesday when i played, i was getting a weird tone after repeatedly presisn gthe back button to spot bush wookies

By the way, if you're mashing the back button and you start to hear a beeping noise it means that it's on cool down because you tried spamming it too much.