How do you report a hacker if you have video evidence?

I was playing recently on COD Black Ops and came across a hacker. The players avatar was invisible in game (on friendly and enemy team) apart from the gamer tag which floated overhead  if you were aiming at him. As far as I could see it was impossible to damage the guy even though hit markers did show.

I have reported him as you usually would do through xbox live but as I have irrefutable proof on video I would like it looked at by someone who can actually do something about it.

In respect of forum rules I have not uploaded the video or named and shamed


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[quote user="MonkishCarrot21"]In respect of forum rules I have not uploaded the video or named and shamed[/quote]

Then that's were you have to leave it.  The Xbox Live Enforcement Team do not use video from social media sites to impose bans, it is inadmissible as evidence.  The only process for filing complaints is via your console.  There is no other process. 

Ive heard that Infinity Ward and Activision watch uploaded Videos on youtube with tags specifically relating to their games and the word hack. Some people have been using this method to highlight Ghosts being hacked on day one hoping for patches and bans for some of the people spoiling other gamers enjoyment.

You can only report them on the console and hope they get action against them.  As for the video Microsoft doesn't care for that, and there currently isn't a way to use them with consoles.  However Infinity Ward has checked videos in the past when tweeted at one of their accounts, I believe they actually have a cheaters account you can tweet links to and they will check it out and put action on them.  This was done on PC during MW3 and they even offered a program to submit videos from the game itself but that software was pulled after it was discovered it was being abused.

Maybe not on the XB360. But on the XB1 you can. with a little new friend called game DVR.  it will not be your footage but there's. And if there page have report button on it. Then they are done for. There will be no safe place for them to hack the game any more on XBOX or PLAYSTATION land. But PC land will still have them. So they will  moved to PC land and do there cheating ways as they did on XBOX and PLAYSTATION land.  But it be hard to banned there system from connected to the internet. unless you connected them to Bin ladin friends. But that be hard to prove too. So you never win against them. And I like to tell them that 90's is calling them to get there gaming style back. Because that is so 90's.  I did that kind of cheating when it was cool. but I growled up. And act more matured when gaming by not cheating the game.  

Upload it to your TouTube account and demand that people comment, like and subscribe.


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Yeah I think you could actually contact Activision/InfinityWard tech support about it and they'll investigate. I haven't done it myself because I was never able to catch anyone on video. Your best option for now is to just report the person.

I have video evidence of an invisibility hacker on MW3, can anyone help?

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