How do you people play 1v1 games?

Sports games, fighting games, etc?  I avoid these games for one reason - I have a very difficult time talking to a new, random person just out of nowhere.  It's just kind of awkward, isn't it?  I don't know, I'm not antisocial or anything, but I am definitely dependent on talking "amongst the crowd," so to speak.  I follow the pack in conversation rather than pave the road of it.  Anybody else like this?  I'm sort of this way in real life but not nearly as bad. 


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I've helped people with a few games and I also let them lead the conversation.  And I usually get to know someone on the forums first, so when I do play with them, we're not complete strangers.  But put me in a large group of strangers, you won't even know I'm there, until I feel comfortable.

It's better for me just to have everyone stay as random people. It's why I like forums because while they start to notice you there isn't any relationships being formed.

Thus when I play online I just 'go into battle - fight - go into next battle'. Or 'go into tennis match - play - go to next match'. Any talk is 'gg' or 'so much lag grrr'.

Don't forget that Modern Warfare 2 had a third-person 1v1 mode online...

I don't like 1v1 games either, except for maybe fighting games, but I'm not  a particularly big fan of those games anyway except for the occasional soul calibur game(and I'll probably end up getting the new MK). I'm just better as playing support on a team, like giving out ammo in BC2, or playing medic in TF2.

It's not that difficult, Many of the people I've played games with sent me a message & we got together & played with no problems, no wall of silence between us as we played.  It's rather simple to converse with someone who you don't know as long as you are respectful.  Usually I take the route to ask about other gaming interest & other casual topics or we enjoy talking about the game we're playing.  Truth be told i would rather some form of dialogue as opposed to dead silence.