How do you melee in MP?

The "manual says X, but I am so far either not timing it correctly or totally off base. Any insights? Thanks in advance! ***I am referring to melee in multi-player***


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When you are close to someone, it prompts you to hold X for a silent takedown/kill

Okay cool. Thanks!

Unfortunatly it is just a push of a button, got knifed so much last night by dude that were not even looking in my direction or were in the middle of a reload. Melee = garbage in this game no need for it.

You have to hold X.  Not just tap it.  Usually have to be behind them.  Yup got meleed quite a bit last night but it also happened in the beta. So I expected it.  Like they say, if you cant beat them, join them. So I ran full blast into the objective and meleed 3 people in a row.  Its so cheap but sometimes thats what you have to do I guess.  The cheapest melee is when you are taking the objective and approach the person. They simply hit x and instantly kill you. I dont see anything that was changed from the beta.

I did not play the beta so i did not know there was a melee in this game. Cheap tactics work for cheap people, next time i will do the same.