How do you get the "silent" rating?

Just wondering what the specific requirement is for a silent rating?  I'm assuming that no evidence can be left behind, and you can't be spotted on cameras.  Does this also mean not shooting anyone but the target?  Can you still cause accidents for other people like guards, or push them down stairs?


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it may depend on the mission- but usually only syringes can be used (or tranquilizers) on non-targets.

You must never get your cover blown or allow enemies to become suspicious of you..

You must only kill targets.

For non-targets you must use the sedative or kill them with an accident like pushing them off a balcony.

All bodies must be hidden or at least never found. Bodies of accidents can be found though.

If you are caught on camera you must retrieve the tape.

You must retrieve your suit at end of mission if you are playing any higher than normal difficulty.