How do you get randoms to join your missions?

Everytime i start a mission up,auto invite and play just doesn't work,i can spend 10 mins in that lobby and no one ever ever joins,current session neither(probably cause they're all too busy killing each other)seems to me there's a problem with rockstars matchmaking,others have mentioned having issues as hosts trying to get others into their missions.


Is there some other way i'm not seeing that can reliably get randoms who are searching for missions into your hosted mission?Considering i'm at a level now where a lot of my contact missions are minimum of 2 player to start,this is psing me off.


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Hey Honourless,

When you're at the "Configuration Menu" of the mission (basically the part where you invite players) make sure to switch "Matchmaking" to on. This will make the lobby so that people who search for a random lobby are also able to join.

I do this a lot. Just open up a lobby and set matchmaking to open. It might take awhile to fill but if I'm doing decent paying missions or good races players usually hang around until it fills. I also send out one invite to my session but don't spam them.

Aye mine is always set to open,i did manage to finally get someone to join a mission(land,sea and air)but i sat there for over 15 minutes!


I think rockstar could have done more to speed up matchmaking for contact missions(races and the like i have no problem with,they usually fill up quickly compared to the contact missions)

Well I'm actually waiting on more missions to open up at the moment. Done most the missions around level 40 (where I'm at). A guy was hosting mission lobbies today who was doing level 70 missions though and let me tag along. Some of them were paying out 20k +.

This is why you join a crew with a lot of people in it. There's a feature to send in invite to all crew members. The crew Im apart of have 12K+ people in it, so I get SPAMMED with mission invites, but there's ALWAYS a mission to do though with so many invites.

Mine usually fills up in about 15-20 seconds