how do you get golden weapons for live?

Please tell me!  every body seems to have a golden gun/weapon in multiplayer and I die everytime somebody shoots me with one, even if I've shot them a few times already...please respond ASAP!  I wanna do some serious shooting!



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You get them from doing the weapon challenges. You have to get a certain number of headshots (or maybe just regular kills) before your gun turns gold. Having a gold gun doesn't do extra damage though like you seem to think.

You need to get 100 headshots for the weapon that you want golden AND you need to have the gun unlocked. Just practice pulling LT, aim RS up a little, and then RT and get that down pact then you'll be doing some major killing. Just keep playing the game and you'll get better at it.

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Do you kill live players in free roam to get golden guns?


I'm sorry but you have to play PVP matches and stronghold to obtain headshots for golden. It's a pain cause some weapons rarely come up.

go get a friend,posse up,then go xbox live private (free roam),then find a (free for all) marker anywhere on  the map.

Boost for those cosmetics!