how do you get access for the ghost recon beta?

i was wondering how you get access to this beta?


is it anything to do with u play and splintercell conviction?


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It is.

If you own a copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction, you'll get access to the beta in 2 days.

Mainly its,

- Own a copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction to download the beta through that.

- Pre-order at Participating Retailers to get a code.

- Win a code.

i had a copy of splintercell but not anymore will that effect me?

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i had a copy of splintercell but not anymore will that effect me?


Yes. You need to actually have the game. You have to start it up, and then download the beta from SCC's main menu.

If you Pre-ordered from then you will receive a code a day or two after your order and you follow the instructions on how to redeem the code.  Then they will contact you via email, though that hasn't happened yet.  If you still have your copy of Splinter Cell Conviction lying around then just pop it in and download the demo from the Marketplace and wait until the 19th to play.  If you don't have the SCC disk then i believe your screwed and will have to fine other ways of playing the Beta, but the clock is ticking and it won't be around for long (May 3rd) 

see if i can locate a cheap copy then :(

I think you only need it for long enough to download the beta. Once you have the beta downloaded you access it through the dashboard like a regular demo. So you could just borrow it from someone. Or buy it used from gamestop, then return it the next day.

Got a cheap copy this morning, dl now :)

Looks like I may have to stop by Gamestop at lunch and grab a used copy of SC Conviction. Preordered the game, but no sign of my beta access code yet. Matter of fact I haven't heard of anyone who has gotten theirs in email yet either.  Why must you taunt us so UBI.... ;)

you wont get yours until after the 20th i read, if you pre ordered