How do you eat yours ???

Just wondering how people prefer to play ?

I've noticed, especially with the new Map packs, that a lot more Ratio Kill rates are high while Deaths are low suggesting a more tactical ( BC2 ) style of play

Do you Camp for the whole ten minutes ?

Do you play tactical - Camp and Move ?

Or do you run round like an eight year old Halo player ?


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I try to finish with a positive k/d ratio by the end of the game, thats about it. I run and try to play quick. If I am on my game I play intuitively which would be my normal fast pace of game but I know when to slow down or turn back etc etc. When not on my game I just run into death. So far I have been doing well score wise. I could top the game off TDM maybe 6 out of 10 times and end up with only a few kills more than deaths. Thats just my style. The whole camping in one spot for me is not gaming so I don't do it, I like to move and look for kills at a risk. I think that why Objective games like BF suit me better. Because maps are not small and its not about just getting kills so I am able to push fast and carry out objectives, shock & awe style.

Soda, Pop, Soda-Pop, Soft drink, Coke, or Cola?

If i hear an enemy close by, il try and stay in the area which im in, so they come to me, not i come to them.

If i see motion sensors, claymores il try and rush the enemies.

If playing a objective game mode (Domination, Demolition, SnD ..etc) il let one of my team mates plant while i try and fend off any enemies. However if no-one is around then il go for the objective.

Hehe I want to be a ninja.

Run and gun all the time.I cant help myself.Normally I when get killed by someone I trek straight back to that spot.It rarely works well for me.

Sometimes I'll run around with my PRO PIPE and CHINA LAKE and sometimes I'll hunker down and hold an area with my PRO PIPE and CHINA LAKE. Sometimes I'll use the WA2000 or FAMAS or SPAS. For me it really doesn't matter so long as I am having FUN.

Im a bit of a tactical player. Not really camp, but move around an are that I can cover well, then move to a new area after the other team knows what im doing. If my team is doing bad and i don't feel like getting pwnt hard, I'll camp one building or small area.

Learned how to "mobile camp" and do that sort of stuff when I was in TG and seems to work well for me.

Though, I still run and gun sometimes and can still do well

It all depends. I mainly play Demo, and when I'm on Defense I play very tactically, locking down an area and constantly covering a base. 

However, on offense, I play a very aggro aggressive game.

I run around 24/7

I run and gun for about 90% of the match. Im always pushing to capture objectives no matter what, i'll die multiple times to capture an objective. Winning is more important than K/D and all that jazz

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