how do you do it (pictures on cars)

Alright i have seen pictures of ( stars on cars ), So how do you do it ... how do you put personal pics on your cars, Not nudes but like back grounds and people...stuff like that. I have an evil kat that i use for some of my logos and would love to put it on my cars. Any tips or help would be nice. But if its a fast way to get banned...don't worry about this post Thanks forza family. From EVIL E 01.


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It's all about learning to use what and put it where. There's a 4 part video showing how someone did a Bruce lee one on YouTube.

patience lots of pitcures to copy and talent. someting i dont have anyting of :(

You draw it.

You have to use the vinyl editor and have a lot of patience.  Artistic talent helps a lot too. Start with basic shapes, cartoons, and work your way up. Or buy what you want from the storefront.  Pretty much everything in the world has been created in F3 and F4.


Your sig cracks me up. "xboxlive the gaming nursury"  so true. lol!

Best tip I can give you is to start simple and work your way on to more complicated designs. I started with South Park characters, of which the most difficult was Mysterion. Then I moved onto logos, Monster, Flying Lizard, things like that. And recently I've done some Pokemon stuff, which turned out quite nicely. You'll be amazed at quickly your ability to identify and manipulate shapes will improve