How do you destroy walls with nowhere to stand

Sometimes I see wall that are destructible put there is nowhere to stand in front of then to use explosive gel. How do you open these walls?

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You have to remember with some walls, if you can't get to it now, you'll more than likely get to it later.

If you can't stand in front of a breakable wall, glide into them to smash them open. If the wall is by the water, use the Freeze Blast to make a platform in front of them. If the wall is in the ceiling, it depends on the situation. For most of these there is a path that leads above them, so keep looking for vents and such, or grappable points. In some situations (like in the collapsed streets area) you need to Glide Boost through them from beneath.

The upgrade to the Line Launcher allows you to stand on it and walk it like a tight rope. With the right angles you can stand on top of it and reach the ceiling and higher areas.

There is one in the destroyed city (or whatever it's called) with a riddler trophy above it.  It took me a few minutes of thought, but I found that you can glide > Grapple > boost and fly right through it to break it.  Other times, if they are on the ceiling, that means there is another way above it.

I've seen a few on the ceiling. Not sure about those

Depends.  If it's a wood wall you can glide into them. and smash them.  If the destructible wall is near water use the freeze blast to make a platform.