How do you contact a mod?

I can't recieve or give messages b/c I don't have LIVE and I don't have a twitter account where I could contact one of them.....I don't want to make this into a big thing, I just had no idea where to go from here and I have a question for one of them.


Probably....this isn't what they would want....but again....I know no other method to do so apologies in advance.


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Find one of their posts and contact them via private message, using the small envelope near the star rating.

You can still send messages on your console without gold,just not on here.

See....I looked...but I don't see that.  I clicked on a few of their names....then looked at their stars...and theres nothing next to them.


: /

Cul 5, do you see that envelope underneath every post? Find that under a moderators post and click it to start a converation.

AHA!!!  Found it.....I come here in spurts and it's been forever since I used the message feature.  Thanks.