How do you come in first....

....without it turning into a destruction derby? I'm playing the World Tour mode and I'm trying to be a clean and professional driver, but most of the time I'm given 2-3 laps to pass eight cars. I'm only level 15 right now (I think), but do the amount of laps increase as you go deeper into career mode?

Also, a completely unrelated question, but do I need friends who play this game to get notifications if my lap time has been beaten? I've done a bunch of rival races, but all I'm doing is posting my time to a leaderboard. How do I actually get rivals?


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Those notifications come only if you have friends who have beaten your time.  And your other question, unfortunately it's not possible to race clean in World Tour as the World Tour is a combo of Full Auto and Blur. Just slipstream and pass them in corners, the AI is terrible in corners.  

Out brake them in corners.

And yeah you can race clean but they dont.... Make sure to tune also

I've only used production cars so far - no tuning at all.  I don't have much idea about any of it, so I usually leave it alone.  You can easily race clean; just be patient.  You don't have to come first at everything - enjoy the racing, rather than being out the front by yourself... may as well do time attack.

I've found that patience is key.  It's when I get impatient that I start making mistakes and I never catch up to anyone.  Also a good launch helps out a lot.

I don't have trouble in world tour with an upgraded car. I'm usually in 3rd already AWD launching off the line.

I guess I have to be more patient.

Thanks for the replies guys, and feel free to add me.

No man, I do have to come in first. Maybe not online, but I'm not letting the AI beat me.