How do you cheat at MUT?

I just faced this guy. It said he was an 85. Than when we get in game he has the best player possible at every position, and than when the game ended I didn't get any coins....My team is an actual 85, I refuse to spend money on this. But that just got me real heated lol. This is the second time that's happened to me where it says the teams rating is the same as mine and than they have a super team, and I wonder why mine is so much worse. I got coins the last time too. This last guy was just a real ***.


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Most  are....I just don't get this game mode.  Maybe it disguises team ratings so people don't flee it hides record in quick match ranked.

the ratings are somtimes glitched somtimes it shows the same record and sometimes it shows ur oppent has a 0 rating and if u want better cards do the collections you get massive amounts of coins and then buy gold premium packs(best ones you can buy) and you will have a super team aswell

i've heard of people hiding their best players in the depth chart to lower the rating, then just before the game starts they alter the chart to bring their best players back into the game

when you are at the matchup screen before you hit ready hit the RT button and you can look over their depth chart. Most people put a punter in as QB to drop their rating because they suck and cant face people with a team rated the same as theirs.