How do you change your CLOTHING camo?

Been wanting to change my characters clothing camo? How do I obtain the camo?

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This has been answered so many times, it all depends on the map.

The camo automatically changes to the map environment you are in.  Snow environment gets snow camo, etc.

Yeah, if you use your rb/lb while customizing it shows the different variants of each uniform depending on the map.

I wanted a Santa Clause suit for my character.

  I think they could have had a bit more variety in the uniforms.

you learn something new every day i always wondered how to change uniforms  

You change uniforms through the customization and "uniform" (I think). You can pick the selection you have unlocked, but as ToG stated, you can scroll via LB or RB through those selected uniforms and itll show all the varieties for that kit. Each color is map specific though. Example--You choose the Navy SEAL wetsuit guy (whatever the name is), then you can RB/LB and see the different colors/varieties of the wetsuits that will be used on different maps.

Well thank you.