How do you board and drive a wraith?

I can board and plant grenade to blow up a wraith, but I am not sure how you take it over so you can drive it.  What buttons do you press?  Thanks.


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1. kill the gunner either with head shots or by overcharge plasma pistol and sticky grenade

2. jump up onto the wraith above the gunners turret.

3 look at the empty turret and the instuction will appear, "hold 'x' to operate turret."

4. hold the 'x' button untill you get in the turret seat. this will make the driver get out.

5. kill the driver (usually has a sword so shoot it with the turret gun)

6. hold 'x'to exit turret

7. move to the side of the wraith just behind the front wing bit so that the instruction "hold 'x' to drive wraith" appears.

8. hold 'x'. this will put you in the drivers seat.

9. shoot stuff to blow it up and enjoy.

^ In previous games it used to have a "melee driver" option so you just killed the guy not the wraith, it's nonexistent in this game unfortunately.

Thank you for the directions.  It sounds complicated, but I will give it a try.

I am a little confused about number 1. ie: and sticky grenade.  I know how to use an overcharged plasma pistol, but then how do you use a sticky grenade on gunner without destroying wraith?  Thanks.

Sticky nade him in the face.

This thread is progressing mind-numbingly slowly.