How do you beat Jace Beleron?


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Don't know why my post came up  blank,  but my question was how do you beat Jace Beleron. Have tried varying deck combinations but he seems to always win in the end either he gets the card where he has two turns in the row to beat me or he just keep piling up creatures. Any specific decks I should use or combinations?

I've found that my 2 favourite decks to use are the Dragon's Roar and Machinations.  Try those 2 and see how they work for you.  Otherwise, just keep testing out different decks.

I used the white deck and it was pretty easy using just Gideon's Avenger and the Kor Duelist equipped. The Kor Duelist gets double strike when equipped and also first strike which took old Jace out pretty quick. Oh and Gideons Avenger can knock out Jace's top guy each turn I had him beat by like the 6th turn. Hope that helps.

White is probably one of the worst decks you can pick.  You have no way of dealing with Lord of Illusions, which just makes their deck amazing and they just mind control/sower  or bounce the stupid avenger.  

Best deck to play is Chandra. All the extra kill spells are really good against the "sac if targeted" guys. You can kill all problem creatures and win by utilizing good tempo.  

The idea is to get into a good rhythm with a kiln fiend or pumper: clear the way, swing, rinse repeat. You want to ideally try to keep him off of his card draw.  The more cards you let him draw, the less likely you will win.  So to keep him from playing Jace's Ingenuity/mind spring/Concentrate  you have to stay super aggressive. Force him to commit to the board and punish him if he doesn't.

Cards that are amazing: 

Wheel of Fortune:  This punishes Jace for having lots of cards in hand.  It allows you to burn through your hand and reload while Jace often nets very little value.

Prodigal Pyromancer:  The ability to instant kill half they're creatures is pretty good.

Either of those in an opening hand and your off to a good start.


If you draw into Inferno Titan,  You want to be very weary of a mind control/ sower.   Make sure you play this as a finisher after you've taken control of the game.  It also helps to have something that can deal with it just in case (ie blaze, banefire) 

Also watch his open mana and watch out for repulse,  if you're pumping a hellhound or brawler keep a few mana back to replay him if he gets bounced.  Little things like this gain a lot of extra tempo

Also, don't be afraid to have your spells countered,  I mean play around them for critical spells, but if you have to use 2 kill spells early on because the first gets countered it's still worth it.  You just don't want to be passing turns without doing anything just because your afraid of a counter.

Poo maybe you have a different version of the game genuis but you have to beat Jace before you can unlock the Chandra deck at least that is how mine played maybe you have a different one then the one I palyed . So like I said I beat him  with the white deck  pretty easily.

Where does the OP refer to the campaign???   We could have been talking about online for all I know?   The question seemed pretty general to me.