How do you ask for ammo or healing in multiplayer?

Im new to the BF series and needed some help.


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Just push the back button - it even shows you a prompt if your low on health or ammo and near somebody that can help.

You don't ask, medic class gives health, assault class gives ammo. If you can’t fine either use the assault class yourself and you can give yourself ammo using LB. Oh, each class gives up points for upgrades. Just read your different classes its on the disc.

Look at a medic or support and press the back button.  It does everything pretty much.  Learn to use it, learn to love it

See that is where I was lost. Ir popped up ask for healing and I hit the select button and nothing. I didn't realize you had to be buy a certain class player to get help.

Or just play with your buddies and communicate, communication and playing your class properly and you can't lose.

Yeah, it's the back button. Good luck getting anyone to give you ammo/HP though. I was standing in front of a guy knifing him and mashing the back button for 2 minutes trying to get ammo. If possible, it's better off to just play with people you know and communicate. 

actually i've seen a lot of people throw ammo and health in this compared to BC1 and 2

*tear* the cod fanboys that jump over seem to be growing up and learning to play.

looking at them and pressing back should do it though, thats what it was in BC2 anyways

You have to knife repeatedly and/or teabag the suppliers.