how do u play your mage?

fire,frost or shock?

heavy,light or robes?

u use pets? or a straight caster?


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My Mage is ALL magic. Nil weapons, NIL armour, in fact he gets around in his loin-cloth and that's it. Use the destruction spells as described above depending on enemies, always fire up your armour spells before battles (undies don't help much), and power up your resurection spells as the more you kill the bigger your army grows.


Doing it all on Master and yes life is hard. Never have any money, never have any food, never have any love. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's pretty easy to level.  I am in the high 40's i think without trying.   Start by just disenchating a bunch of your more crappy magic stuff.  Then get the black star deal and charge up wepaons with it.   The trap soul with bound weapon perk helps a ton too.

Ah, I see. I don't enchant. So that being the case, I'm screwed. Lol

it doesnt work like that Resticted.  You can disenchant any item with magicka regen to learn the skill.  Even one with 1%.  Does the same thing.   To get 100% magicka regen, once you learn it from a disenchant, you need to have your enchanting perks maxed and use a grand soul gem.

If I disenchant the archmages robes, and the helm you get on the last quest, can I enchant Elven armor, and other stuff, with 100% magicka regen so I don't loose any, and get better armor? Or do I have to lose the magicka gen to get some armor?

Use all 3 elements although tend to use fire the most.

Currently am wearing various enchanted armour both light and heavy as well as a set of robes to raise magic regen

Am using the sign from the steed stone because it makes all worn armour worn weigh zero. Will be doing that until I can get the mage armour perk.

I currently have the follower from markarth that looks like Arnold Shwarzenegger's Conan. The one you hire for 500 but can't remember his name.

Did have a dog but dismissed him because he kept getting killed and I got sick of having to reload.

u know  alteration mage armor is like 3x better than dragonscale

Fire, Frost AND shock.  Choose based on your enemy.

I use the instant attacks on fast moving targets.  I use the concentration (fireball, ice bolt etc) on slow moving or long range targets after throwing a rune down and allowing the mana to recharge.  

I try to use shock on casters as it does health and mana damage thus draining there's as well.

On fast enemies, frost works well to slow them.  Also good for large enemies as it drains their stamina.

Fire is good as its a DOT as well as immediate damage but only affects health and thus not as useful against casters.

I DC when possible

Started with cloth, now wearing Elven breastplate and boots and will eventually be full elven.

No pets, have one assistant, she's standing in my living room and has been for a while.