How do I?

 Someone tell me please how I move past the very first encounter my assassin has with the crowd of people that are wondering aimlessly and he is suppose to gently push them out of his way without causing an avalanche of falling pots, off of top of their heads. 

  I know this is probably not a good way to start, but it has me stumped. 


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Hold "B" and walk thru them. That'll do the trick.

I also have a problem I'm at the part were you are suppose to steal some information on who betrayed your group. With out him or anyone knowing. I lock on to him but when it comes time for me to steal it I get caught by him or the guards. I am doing what it says but I keep getting caught I don't know if I am picking the wrong time to pick his pocket or what.

If anyone can help me out thankts alot

Try to get as close to him as possible after you lock on, wait for him to look behind. Time it just right to when he turns and faces forward and starts walking. As he turns start walking toward him and hold the button to pick pocket. Stealing is always tricky, just try to channel your inner Artful Dodger.

i just did the first part of the game (tutorial) and i'm in the town and i have no idea what to do i'm just killing random guards FTW