how do i upload faces to the xbox one version?

you can upload faces to use in create a wrestler. i don't see any options to use my kinnect to do this. what am i missing?


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is there anyone willing to share their wwe with me?

I have no clue on the custom celebration either, I havent even touched anything but universe as of right now.... ill have to check some of the other stuff out...

I honestly dont know Immortal D, it might still be on the game too I havent checked out the create a wrestler in the game myself, I just know they were making a big deal about that app coming out...

i couldn't find any option to allow the use of the kinnect to scan faces and upload them to the game for use. i thought i was just not seeing it but based on your answer, you must not be able to use the kinnect. do you know how to i can give my created wrestler a custom ring celebration? i can't see to find an option to do that. i hope we can assign custom ring celebrations to our created wrestler so when i win with them, they will have a win celebration that match's their personality.

well that stinks for me. i don't have a ipad or cellphone. why not just let us use the kinnect as well.

No I dont believe so

im not sure about doing it that way, but they have an app coming out for Apple users and Android users, and you will be able to do faces, and other items to upload it into youre game to put on the created wrestlers in the game...