How do I upgrade weapons?

I've had this game for a while, can't get sucked in like 3 did. I might have missed where it tells you how to upgrade weapons or something, anyways how do I do it? And does anyone have a list of weapons or locations of unique weapons?


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You upgrade weapons by buying mods for them from traveling merchants and shops. As for a weapon list I don't have one

Yeah - if you've purchased a mod for a given weapon you can hit the left shoulder button when you have the weapon selected in your inventory.  That will take you to the mod screen where you can apply them.  If you don't have any mods for that weapon then the mod screen won't show any.  

O ok, guess I haven't came across any merchant with upgrades yet... thanks.

As far as merchants with upgrades, here's who you check out.  Keep in mind it's random if they've got anything (at least in my games it's always been) & I think it's modified by your Luck score. 

  • The guy in Goodsprings, he occasionally has minor weapon mods/upgrades, usually for slug throwers. 
  • The Gun Runners, near Westside.   If you tend to use them fairly often, all the better. 
  • Sgt Contreras in McArran.

Anyone else I don't use enough so I can't really say. 


in my experience, the higher level you are, the better weapons/weapon mods people sell in shops.

at gun runners at level 31 he now sells loads of mods for lots of different weps. more than ive seen at his before.

Cliff Briscoe in Novac also sometimes has mods, I've seen mods for both guns and energy weapons there.  I think any merchant that regularly sells weapons has a chance to have mods for sale.