How do I transport a saved game to another Xbox?

Hate how xbox makes everything harder than it should, I have an older model 360 with a hardrive and friend has the black newer model.  Seeing how I cant simply bring my hardrive over there im stuck.  I copied my franchise from Madden 12 to the USB and brought it over there and of course thats just to simple and didnt work.. My friend said I might have to save my profile and the franchise for it to work, is this true? if not how do I bring our franchise to his house?




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I take it you moved your profile onto the USB stick as well? A save will only be usable by the profile that made it.

Allow the xbox to configure the USB for use, then pop your profile and the save required on it, and away you go.

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I just tried to move it without the profile

[/quote]No.  You need to have both the saved game and the profile.  They are attached to each other.

I just tried to move it without the profile

thnks guys