How do i stop auto locking onto team mates on missions?

Hi guys,


Some help if you'd be so kind. On missions for some reason it locks onto team mates as if they are enemies. This is causing far to many problems in game for us because in the middle of a firefight you end up team killing and costing your team mates those valuable live(s) you have. It's driving us all mental!!


How do we fix this? Does anyone know?


Any help would be great.


Cheers guys.


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Don't shoot till you know it's the enemy.

wow!! I don't know if that's helpful or spam/trolling or whatever it's called. I've asked a reasonable question in a polite and civil manner (I thought) and feel a response like that is a little unhelpful to be honest. I can appreciate what you're saying but sense a lot of sarcasm.

Apologies if not.

Turn off auto aim. Play in free aim that's the only way I play. Auto aim is for chumps and makes the game less fun. That can be done in single player under settings.

I believe you made a post awhile ago about how to turn auto aim so it wont target your friends in free roam online. same works for these missions you need to go back into single player then go to settings and change to free aim if you want this problem to stop!