How do I start the DLC missions if my save games are all at th every end of Fallout: New Vegas?

Hey there, I cannot start any of the DLC missions in New Vegas.  All my saves for the game are at the very end of the main story at either Hoover Dam or the Legate's Camp.  I can see where the DLC missions are located on the map but I cannot fast travel to any other locations.  Is there a way I can get around this?  Kinda sucks because I just bought both DLC packs and there seems no way to start them.  Any help would be really appreciated!


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you have to start anew unless you cant run there atleast you can play it. all mmy lvl 25 pluc saves are glitched out i guss and everytime i want to start it with them it blackscreens and freexesb im on my 4th new charachter and i just got it to work last night and i bought it when it came out

Your only two options are revert to a previous save or start a new character. Once your at hoover dam you can't go back. Thats why you get that  "Are you sure your ready to processed" type of message before you start the battle

Man that totally sucks!  I really do not want to start playing again and building my character up...  Looks like this is the end of New Vegas for me...

no saves before the dam?

No! All my saves are after the dam. Which sucks!

well if you purchased the 2 dlc's i recommend not quiting on this game.  Start over on hardcore if you havent already, maybe give the game new life for you.

The fact that they made this game close-ended is ridiculous, and from what I've heard they don't plan on having any of the add-ons change that.  The fact that it was close-ended was one of the most common complaints about FO3, as well as one of the main reasons people recommended getting Broken Steel before any other add-ons.

One of the great things about this game is that you can start over with a new character and play completely differently.  Did a guns build last time, try out energy weapons.  Played as a morally good guy, try being evil this time.  Sided with NCR, try siding with the Legion.  There are so many things that you can do differently both with your character's construction and with the quest choices you make that it should be pretty easy to find reasons to play it again from the start.  Not to mention giving Hardcore a try if you played casual last time.

a rule of thumb is to have many saves at various points during the story,to be prepared for dlc.

as well many people play a new character of a diffrent style when dlc comes out just to play a little diffrent.

expecting to have only one char that you played thru the whole story,but you dont want another cuz hes not geared etc...doesnt wash in the rpg community.

like others have said no save?try hardcore,if you consider yourself a true rpg'er you wont complain about this.

since its old news,everybody already knows...