How do I send my Xbox off for repair & will it cost?

I brought a 2nd hand Xbox a while ago and until recently it had been working perfectly. But all of a sudden it came up with 3 or the 4 red rings. As it is 2nd hand I am pretty sure it doesn't have any warrenty or anything. So would it be worth sending it off for repair or just to buy a new one?


Also if anyone could tell me how to setup a forum that'd be great ... I was looking for a good hour and am still stuck on how to set one up.





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You can book a repair via the support page or by phoning them. But if its not in warrenty then it will cost about £80 but they send it off to Hong Kong takes about 6-8weeks to get it back, But they replace the broken down parts with repaired parts. Meaning It will red ring again at one point.

For about £60-80 you could buy a new xbox without a hard-drive and stick your hard-drive in the new one. Also you can sell your faultly xbox on ebay, people buy them for about £10 and fix them up.