How do I perform Assassinatons correctly?

I have performed Assassinations before. I have performed over 7 of them. Whenever I sneak up behind an unsuspecting enemy, I hold down RB like the other gamers say but I just end up performing a melee and end up injuring him or killing him.

Am I doing something wrong?


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Fluffers and Noble have it down.

Firstly, a Spartan doesn't run in a flat line, so the right, I believe, shoulder is dubious to hit, and practice is your key to overcoming that, as Fluffers said.

It's a bit hard to explain but you'll see eventually. Try practicing on a spare controller if you have any .

It's not the range that is the problem. I've actually assassinated people from about 4 feet which seems to be the furthest you can possibly assassinate people. I'd have to agree with Noble and say that Reach simply has a finicky assassination system and that sometimes you just don't get the assassination. Try to hit them at the center of their back and after 150 assassinations or so, you'll start to realize when and where to ambush them.

It could be lag or your probably just to far away, try getting closer and then holding RB and I mean really close, about kissing range

They don't even know that I'm there. I will usually hide behind a wall where they walk past me and I walk up to them and try to assassinate them. I should probably just hold it and walk up to them just like you said. Maybe that would work?

Lol I doubt you meant it this way, but it sounded like you though 7 assassinations is a lot.

Anyway, there's this odd player model fault in Halo. One of the shoulders, I can't remember if it's the right or left one, will not allow you under any circumstance to assassinate or beat down the person. It will only allow you to melee them. So if you're consistently hitting this shoulder, that would explain it.

However, if you are actually just coming up behind them and holding down the melee button, then it should assassinate them every time possible.

The only thing I can attribute it to is lag. Maybe the people you're sneaking up on are actually in the process of turning around when you hit them from the back, but on your screen it doesn't look that way due to lag. That's what I imagine could be happening.