how do I make a "beautiful" character?

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I’m going to start playing oblivion for the first time. I do not want to play the PC version so modding my character is not an option. I will be playing the xbox 360 version and I would like step by step instructions on how to make an attractive (female) character. I found one website which had a really attractive character and the author claimed it was for 360 but he did not list instructions on how to make the character. Thanks for any help!


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

That said.

Step one; press random a bunch of times.

Step two: adjust perception to fit.

Or, you know, just play about with the sliders until you end up with something you like (admittedly this is almost impossible, but the game's primarily first person so it's not like it will make any difference).

It is extremely hard to make a good looking face at lest for me. I never tried a female character but for me it is always the cheeks, can never get them to look non-puffy.


Since you are on the 360, best think to do is what Ilusion said, use randomize option until you get the face shape close enough to what you like, then carefully and slowly tweak the other features.

My orc looks qt.

Orcs are smelly, and I'm surprised that they are green. Would of thought they'll be brown.. considering the circumstance behind their creation.  

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My orc looks qt.


My Breton looks gallon. Owned.