How do I lay mines in chapter 6 ?

Hi Folks

I'm at a point in the game in chapter 6 where it looks like the only way to get past the necromasher-type-head-butters is to set mines for them. The mines are collected at the bottom of the stairs as and need to be planted in order to get the bad guys to stroll over them. Fine I get that. but WHERE do I get the gun/device to lay the maines?

I think I must've passed it by or not bought it at the store.

Help please?



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no need sir. Just a lot of stasis and some quick reaction. The detonator is nice to have for those stalker rooms, and also a few other areas in the game but not neccessary. And yes, you did already passs the detonator gun. It was in chapter 5 in the church.

Don't listen to him.  It's an excellent weapon that I always carried with me, and which helped me very much to beat the game on Hardcore (as with every difficulty).  It's a weapon which allows you to fight defensively, and offensively.  If you know an enemy is going to come for you, or you get surprised by something far away and have a few seconds until it reaches you, lay a mine.  One of those can save you an entire clip from another weapon.  Plus you can put them in stasis then fire one directly at them, which then in turn acts as a grenade launcher.  It's very very good.  Especially when it's fully upgraded.  

Yeah that thing has saved my bacon many times, most of the time it blows the enemies to smithereens, but if it doesn't at least you know when something is coming up behind you.

Yeah once you play through the game a couple of times, you remember where exactly would be ideal places to lay a few.  This worked so well for me on my Hardcore run.  I would lay a few around the room then trigger the enemy spawn point, then mop up the survivors.  Its special upgrade is an increased splash damage radius, which makes it even more bad***.