How do I give suvivors following me food or weapons?

I see the icon come up say "hand weapon to Dave" or "Hand food to Sally" but nothing I do with the controller seems to activities these features.  I'm assuming there is something with Kinect I can do; but I tried hand gestures and saying "give weapon to Dave" but nothing I'm doing works. I've also searched the in-game survival guide and tutorials; but couldn't find anything there either

I'd like to keep my survivors alive by giving them weapons and food; but I don't know how.



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When it says "give item" I just tap the B button and it gives it to them. What ever you have in your hand is what you will give them.


Thanks!  I give this a try (I must have been holding the B button down rather than tapping it).

Also note there are some things you can't give to followers, such as some combo weapons - and they'll never take a super combo from you.

is it just some combo weapons?  I've given some combo weapons to survivors (the coat rack spear thing)