How do I get to Zombie Nuketown?

I do NOT have the hardened edition of Zombie Nuketown but I downloaded it a couple hours ago.  I assumed (wrongly) that it would be where Tranzit, Farm and Town were.  At the very least, I figured I'd see it along the way to signing into one of those games.  I watched the progress bar go all the way to 100% and finish.  Regardless, I down loaded it again.  The 2nd time it put it into PENDING.  Does anyone know where I should see it at?  Likewise, I presume it is available and not PENDING for a future download when it is available to those that didn't buy the hardened edition out of the gate.  I did get the Season Pass a couple months ago if that matters.

Thanks for any help!


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Back out to the dashboard, then find active downloads and get it downloading and STAY at the dashboard until it is complete. Then go back into BO2 and it should be there.

I did but went ahead just now and did it again at your recommendation.  Still nothing.  Went to Multiplayer / Campaign / Zombies and picked ZOMBIES.  Then XBOX Live.  Then Public Match.  Then I have the option of Tranzit, Farm and Town like always.  Nothing else.  Went into each one of these to see if it was a subset of one of them but nothing there either.  Is this even where I would find it?

Seems you need help navigating the zombies maps. I cant help you as I dont have the zombie Nuketown map either, so I dont know where to find it, LOL.

you know you can scroll around on the globe? maybe you are not doing that?