How do I get into the area past the Catacombs?

So I'm saved at the bonfire before the waterfall area in the catacombs. I run past the skeletons and drop down into the cavern area. I run through the cavern with the wheel skeletons (which often catch me and kill me in a few seconds), drop down again, and then cross the fallen pillar into the underground lava area (Giants reach?). However, here's where I have a problem.

After a few steps, a giant skeleton (3/4 health on hit, all stamina on block) attacks me. Since the area is so dark, and I'm right by a drop that would kill me, I can't dodge. How am I supposed to fight this thing without dropping to my death? I've tried running, but again, it's too dark, so I fall off and die whenever I try to.

tl;dr How do I kill this giant skeleton or run away without falling to my death?


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You don't.  You turn around and find a completely different direction and area to go to.  LoL   Welcome to Dark Souls.

I almost smashed my controller about forty times last night.

I actually did get past it a while after posting. You have to slide down the fallen pillars to the bottom, and then pick up the lantern.

You can't brute your way though this game, you will die and have to question if you want to try again, I also have fought my way though there and got stuck so I turned around and went back to the castle and found out that I am not done there...I do think you should check other places if you can't get past somewhere.

And I too have almost smashed my controller many times and have cursed at the game...I have also threaten to throw the game away lol this game is very stressful

I run into any area I can looking for shiny things, whether I should be there or not. I got the lantern, which is helping in other areas. Now I just need to find that Moon Ring in the Catacombs.