How do i get hackers banned?

I know that you can report people but i want these people banned now! I know that posting the gamer tags is against the rules so i wont. I just want a way to ban these people because it makes the game unfair and a waste of money. These people had 21st prestige which isn't possible with out use of hacks/mods and another was invisible with god mode. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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I seriously hope you aren't making a mistake with this '21st Prestige' thing. Sure it wasn't just 11th? ; )

no about a year ago they added 5 more prestiges then later they added 5 more so 11th prestige is legit, any prestige 0-20 is now legit but he was 21st

What he most likely means by "21st prestige" is that in place of the regular prestige icon, there was a grayish-colored box.

I am sick of all of these hackers.  Xbox Live SHOULD BAN them.  They ruin the game and giving them a 2 week suspension is a slap on the hand.  Post a warning as you enter the game, have them acknowledge the warning.  If they are caught using the GOD MODE hack then immediately BAN their console.  This will send a message to all of the hackers and hopefully eliminate them from the games.

Message these enforcement people and tell them to do something to rid the games of theses JERKS and LOSERS.

Kinda makes you wonder if the very people that are supposed to do something about it aren't the same people cheating on the game considering no one knows who these people are. anyways i agree make a disclaimer that they have to agree to and if they are caught cheating they initially get the two week suspension and if caught again its a liftime console and IP address ban