How do I get faster?

I started to race online today, but I was impressed how fast all those players were. It was impossible to keep up with them. How do they to that, how do they keep up such an incredible speed? Is it all about custom loadout? Or do they practice all day long and 24/7?

I would be thankfull fot geting some hints how I can race as fast as them as well! :-)


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What's your favorite class?

We can start by getting you the right car.

Another thing to look into is using manual with clutch, you'll accelerate faster.  Also don't use ABS, but that takes time to master...

I'd advise watching replays of lap records, they will definitely help you with lines, breaking points etc. Also, as Khronokai already said, having the right car helps a lot. Try some cycled production races, that way you will find out if its your car thats needs to be faster or you. Remember this rule for corners, ''slow in, fast out''. Generally, the more assists you turn off, the faster you go, with the exception of traction control for some cars. But manual clutch is a winner

I'd try upgrading your car to what suits you. Try a couple of upgrades at a time and if they don't work well together then choose different upgrades. Also try to buy a spoiler and some bumpers as the help when gaining speed. If you need any more help then don't hesitate to message me. Thanks :)

Well it really just depends on your car. I've got a Honda Fit with 400HP and a Turbo, with RWD. That car smokes all of the other cars in its class in online races. Online, I only race on tracks I know. That might be part of your reason.


having the right car and set up can help but there is no substitute for track knowledge.  my advice, pick a track in the hotlap section and race your ghost for 10,000 laps, switch tracks and repeat etc.  the more laps you run the faster you'll become, and don't be afraid to pick a faster friends ghost, or some random fast guys ghost off the LB to race against and learn from. the ghost racing will give you instant feedback on what is working vs what is not.

Video games are not what they use to be. You actually have to put the wheel time in if you want to compete. The wheel time you put in, the better your laps become. Its plain and simple. You cant just pick up a joystick/wheel and think you will dominate. It doesnt work that way anymore.

@H1GH D3FF I couldn't agree more, mate. I hate the perception that non-gamers have that gaming is just for kids and that there isn't much to it. Worse still is when they assume that because a person is over the age of 18, they shouldn't be playing games anymore. They don't really have much of a clue as to how in depth games have become and they forget about the competitive aspect of online play. It just irritates the hell out of me

Most of the people I associate with are over the age of 30. Many of us have been into video games since Atari.

Exactly. I've only been into gaming since PS1 but its not something that's age dependent

But that's true! Only if someone will bring a massiv amount of time into practicing a game he will be good in it and win races for example. Casual players have no chance to win some races and having fun. So playing is mostly only for unemploeyed people or kids.

I trained many hours in Forza 4, but I still have no chance to win even the easiest race. That's no fun for me, and therefore I'm selling this game and start doing other things than loosing more time on a hobby which doesn't bring any fun to me.

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