How do I get brain back(spoilers)

Playing OWB and got caught in a loop talking to my brain,Brain kept saying stuff about Helios ....and cult launched.Hit A button and went back and forth,how do I get it ?Also Can't reply in threads,no reply button on bottom of page.Thanks for any replys.OWB dlc is Great as long as I can get around this bug.


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You need to sign in to leave replies on the forum, on right hand side at top of xbox live page, as for the loop while talking to your brain, just reload and talk to it again, happened to me, just quit and then load continue, takes you back to where you enter morbius's room,  just talk to morbius again, then you can talk to your brain again;

I got a kick out of that part. My brains a ***.

^^ Yeah do this. Same thing happened to me, rather annoying!

I think you have to reload and take a different conversation path.