HOW? do I fight y x b a = BS

I dont get it! Am I missing something here they flash the comands an YOU HAVE TO get them all right I cant even tell how many times I need to press "a" before pressing the next comand " y or x "omg THIS IS annouying!!!


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Even though the button looks like you have to press it a few times, you only have to press each button once. It's alot less complicated than it looks.

It's like any other QTE,  one button flashes, press it.  Next one flashes, press it.  Although turning off "Difficult QTEs" I think only affects the other ones (not the fighting minigame ones).  Luckily, during the fighting game, the button that flashes on the screen is in the same location that it is on on the controller (A on the bottom, Y on top, etc.)