How do I exit Steel Mill Second time?

Okay I'm sure its been ask and might be stupid question but maybe i'm over thinking it. But, I completed the game and went back for the Riddler Trophies.. But, now I have all them in steel mill I can't seem to get back to the exit. I'm in the Coolant B area at the first part u suppose to throw and freeze a patch ice in the water. But, when u do that the current is pushing u away from the part u came in at its not like u can crouch and walk off the patch ice. Is there another exit or a spot I'm suppose to grab. I'm stumped and I see there is no other Exit's on that map but the spot I entered from...


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You exit through the Joker's office just like the first time.

Thanks now I got remember where the damn office is lol...

It is where you encountered the 2 snipers the first time around, you have to grapple up to it

His office is in the Loading Bay