How do i exit Old World Blues and head back to new vegas?

I forgot after my second playthrough and i want to use this other save game. Thanks i know it's a stupid question, but i really can't remember or seem to find my way out.


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use the big mt transponder...or whatever they called it in your weapons inventory...

Pull out the Big Mountion Transponder or something like that from you're weapons screen then shoot it.   You have to be outside though.

The big mountain transporter gun you got it at the end

If you didn't get to the end of the game, you can't leave OWB, but if you have finished the DLC, then the transporter gun will do the trick for you, should be in your inventory.

Thanks for the info.

beat it and you get a transporter to use, its in youre weapons section pip boy.

I wandered into this area as a first time player by accident (bought all DLC) and now am stuck.  My level 7 character has no hope of beating the quest even the dogs and other characters kick my butt in the I start the game over?

crappy that there is no way to exit back to desert seemingly....??

aw man, at that point bro, its best to put the game on VERY EASY or start all over. Once your stat old blues. You aint leaving till it's completed so good luck.

The gun is called Big Mountain Transportalponder. It's a weird name but that's what it is called.