How Do I Defeat "Koth: The Unstoppable" on Mage Difficulty?

Admittedly I am new to "Magic".


Couldn't afford the cards as well as a comic collection back in the day so I gave it a miss.


Snapped this up as soon as I saw it though.


Only problem is... Koth is unstoppeable.


EVERY game I play he spits out one of those "Fire Elementals" that gain +1/+1 each turn AND have First Strike so even if you can match them with a creature of your own your creature dies and his stays alive.


By the time I've got something big enough to challenge him he's either equal to it or at 8/8.


I'd like to think if I knew what I was doing I'd be treating Koth like a ginger stepchild so with that in mind, any suggestions for taking him on would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




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Which deck are you using? I had trouble beating him with Garruk's deck so I switched to Gideon's deck. Getting early damage in with Elite Vanguards, Trusty Machetes, and Kitesails seemed to do the trick. He doesn't have many 1 or 2 drops and little defense against flyers.

Thanks for the advice.


I'll keep at it and hopefully learn a few things along the way.





I beated him on the first try but then again MTG is a well known play field for me. Before I started to play I analyzed the two starter decks and decided I like Gideon's deck (white) the most.


What can I say ? Practice and learn from your mistakes. Get to know when to attack/block and with what. When using Gideon's deck try to equip the creatures that benefit the most from it (e.g. Kitesail Apprentice, Kor Duelist).


Also make sure you understand what activated abilities are and how to properly use them.


Goldmeadow Harrier only costs 1 mana and so does his ability, use the tap ability on one of your opponents creatures before combat starts to make sure their creature can't attack you for that turn (or use it on one of his nasty blockers to make sure he can't block). Don't forget to press X to stop the timer when using abilities. Play around with it and you'll get better.

Nice one.


Appreciate the tips. 


I relied too heavily on the Green Deck in the original "Planes Walkers" and progressed mostly through happy trample accidents.


It will be good to actually get a better grip on how to work with and appreciate the other decks and how to use them to the best advantage.


I'm already noticing mistakes just as I make them.  The next step really ought to be finding myself doing the right thing instead of making the mistake.



I nerd raged so hard on this guy. He was so frustrating with his rockslider elemental. I was using the green deck (gurruks) and I lost 4-5 times in a row. As soon as I switched to the white deck use some vanguards and a kor and just equipped them up to flyers etc. I beat him the first try. It was so satisfying. I was surprised how hard he was on mage difficulty.

I haven't play this game much, just two matches last night.  But I am no new commer to magic.  If you keep getting beat by the same guy.  Alot of the time all you need to do is switch decks, and you will beat him the 1st time.  

I used the white weenie deck, had Sunspear Shikari out equipped with 1 x Kitesail,  2 x Trusty Machete's and a Pennon Blade. I also Had out 2 Kor Outfitter's, Stoneforge Mystic and Captain of the Watch which made Sunspear Shikari 10/7 and I quickly decimated him on my first try.

However, I paid 80 MSP to fully unlock the deck before I started, because I figured I'd get creamed ahead of time.

send me a friend request i will play some two headed giant with u archenemy along with normal games and give u tips as or after we play

Thanks for all the offers of help.  I've added a couple of you guys as you suggested.


I finally beat him today after learing a valuable beginner's lesson in "Magic":


Just because you can attack (or in some cases block) doesn't mean you should.


Letting his creatures come to me, I was able to thin his creature count until my Angels got in on the action and I buffed a couple of guys with Kitesails.


It ended up that he couldn't block my attacks and that's what finished him in the end.


The "challenges" are a good help too as they've given me a better grasp of how abilities work in the game now.



Right.. and don't forget you can block one creature with multiple creatures as well. It's a good trade when you block a 4/4 with for example a 2/2 and a 2/3 since you'll only lose one of yours.

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