How do I choose Aftermath?

Everything is updated and installed.  I want to play the Aftermath campaign, but there is no place where I can choose it.  What do I need to do to play Aftermath?

Thank you.


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There is no aftermath 'campaign'.  There are 4 multiplayer maps which can be filtered through the server browser

Oh.  Thanks.  I appreciate that.

LOL Battlefield games have never really been about the single player it's all about multiplayer.

i never even finished the campaign played some of that when i was offline.

.....AFTERMATH chooses you

"i never even finished the campaign played some of that when i was offline."

Surprisingly enough it was quite decent actually.

Plus it looked really pretty.

By far my favorite SP in any BF game to date was BF:BC1.

"There's gold in them mountains! " OBJECTIVE: Stop Haggart from invading a neutral country... Brilliant

Yes! Exactly! The openness to the SP game world, the story and the tongue in cheek humor were terrific! I mean really...Truckasourus Rex! That's just good stuff right there. The banter between the NPC's was great and developed the characters well. Take the SP for BF2:MC by contrast. That SP sucked!