how do i beat the sorcecer in fight 6 of the arena?

how do i beat the sorcecer in fight 6 of the arena? i can beat the 2 guys. no matter what i do, i can't beat the sorcecer. i could not pass round 6. is there a trick to beat him?


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Wish I could help you but I don't like the arena and don't play it much at all.


But maybe this will help...


Try to get him near the edge where the cliff side is... and use AARD on him. Most people will go flying off the edge for an instant kill and small bonus to points.

i will try that. this guy whips my *** quick.

I dont remember exactly that level your on, I will say this, it is going to take a unique spending of your talent points...I made it to wave 29 and tried it for hours before saying heck with it some other day, yea quit on 29 I said it, I wont tell you whats waiting down the road but the best thing that I had in the wave's in the high 20's (23-29) All I could pretty much do in some of em is the spell that cast a magic trap, build that spell to max then you can cast 3 traps at a time and connect them to make a connection line that when tripped they explode....even using that it is going to take alot of patience and ducking and rolling, Also the spell to change them over to fight for you helped on some levels, so different things work on different levels, that little mind trick can be upgraded to take over 3 at a time, so those 2 things will get u pretty far, Good luck.

can u go back to the arena after u started the game if so how?

You need to raise your SHEILD POWER, then use whatever tactic you like to fight him.

Yeah, during the campaign the QUEN sign seems to work very well against multiple strong foes. So I would imagine that it would work well with the sorcerers as well. When I fight the sorcerers I widdle down their QUEN then hit them as hard as I can before they teleport. Haven't played the arena yet though.