how do i beat the ice titan in 1:30?

the trail for this fight is beat the ice titan in 1:30 or less. its the last trial i need to have all the trial's completed for chapter 1.  it takes at least close to 1 minute just to climb to the first weak point i gotta break. he has 4 points to break. i am just not seeing how this is possible. by time i climb to and destroy the first the fist weak point, i have about 30-37 seconds to make it to the second weak point. what can i be doing wrong or missing here?


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Use a dark crystal which should take most of his health away,and you'll only have to stab his weak point once.

I meant each of his weak points sorry about that.

@immortal, goto and make an account, you can find tips/guides for most achievements. as above said this one requires using a dark crystal to take most of his health. haven't personally done it but read how to do it to see how it was even possible.

okay, thanks.