How do i ask DICE a question?

i want to ask them if we'll be able to put under-mount shotguns on our shotguns, or it they'd think about updating the game for that if we had to pay for the option, because i'd like to buy that option.

and i don't have a twitter either...

shotguns easily run out of ammo for me( i like to hear them as well as shoot at the guy capping Bravo), and it's great to have a backup.


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Wait what?  A shotgun 'under' a shotgun?  Why?

i want multiple shotguns at once for the ultimate shotgun and so i can still shotgun after i run out of ammo...

pistols aren't as effective as slugs or buckshot are.

I can't see DICE giving poeple this option, Its a little to much over kill IMOP. Have you ever considered runing your fav shotgun on the Assualt Class or Support Class when BF3 is out. Ammo creats = more ammo.

fine... can anyone ask if they'll release "shotgun extended mags" to the public then?

this could be too much for balance... but something like this would be fine.

the last one replaces the default spring and mag cap with a longer magazine spring and an extended tube for +2 or +3 shotgun magazine capacity, bringing it to 8 or 7 2.75" shells total

also, this is the only overkill i know, you can never have overkill.

also, \m/ -_- \m/.

Twitter, dude. @Battlefield. It's not hard. There were extended mags for shotguns in Bad Company, so I'm sure there will probably be a related attachment in this game.

But, seriously, shotgun attachments on a shotgun, or paying for any kind of an option like that is ridiculous. Have a little common sense.

i don't have i said in the OP....

and it's not ridiculous... a little uber-tacticool? hell yes. but i love shotguns so it makes sense to if someone wants to pay for CoD XP let them... i'd rather pay $10 for something like that attachment option though.

and i don't want regular extended mags now though, i want these extended mags.

they're lulzy and a real, functioning product.

Seems like this would be overkill lol. I think they did a good job with the Shotguns in Battlefield 3. From what I've seen they look to be not too overpowered, but a force to be reckoned!

Toxic Remington dude,You luurv the shotguns!I bet you got a wall full of em!

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