How do I access screenshots from the game?

I looking at the Local Files and it says:


Screenshots: 7

Films & Clips: 29

Map Variatns: 0

Game Types: 2


The Films and Clips is highlighted but the screenshots aren't. I have tried digging through my movies by map to see if the names of the screenshots would show up but they don't. I would like to send the screenshots to my friends.


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Simple. You can't view screenshots in Theater.


You can view screenshots at almost any other menu in the game, except the Theater menu. Simply press start, go to "Local Files" and select screenshots. From there, select which screenshot you'd like to view, and press "A" to view it in full screen.

I am at the Theater section by the way.

Oh okay. I was Googling answers repeatedly and everybody just said go to Local Files and I did in the theater. What they neglected to mention was to just press start and File Browser two slots below The Armory where we change the color of our armor, emblem, etc.

Thank you for clearing that up for me.