How difficult is it to start a clan from the in-game menu?

I see the Clan Wars metagame is about to start.  I've never really been interested (translation = good enough) in pure clan matches, but this new mode sounds like an interesting one for more casual players (maybe I'm wrong).  Can a small group of friends just start a clan for this on the main menu? Or is it locked until you meet some prerequisite?


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i would assume you would do it via add a clan tag? when you customize your soldier

You go to barracks and then choose the create a clan option. You have to have at least 3 other members to compete in the clan wars.

It is not hard at all... give it a go.

It's as easy as how 'Remedy OmG' said. All the tools you need are: Create a team in the barracks, have at least two other members, Optional and extremely useful - Download the new ghosts app on any smartphone.

nb: You need to meet the above criteria before the current clan war period starts in order to participate. If you miss the cut off period you will need to wait for the next available clan war

And Back Lot Basher - you're very right. Clan wars can be played in a very casual way. You can be massively helping your clan just doing what you do best on Multiplayer - just playing and still be helping your clan win a clan war.

There's plenty of motivation for joining or creating a clan such as Patches, Soldier gear, Backgrounds, Camo, Recticles for your gun and in game bonus XP!

Clans wars seems to be very fair with matchmaking as my clan which currently has 8 members has been paired up with 7 other clans of equal size (5-15 members). KD among our group Division ranges 0.7 - 1.7.

From what I've gather so far there is definitely 4 Divisions; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. There is a pre-placement period i.e the weekend before the war starts which defines which division your clan will be placed in - Dependant on your clans skill.

Also there seem to be many sub-Divisions within each of the 4 divisions - dependant on clan size and gameplay activity.

As an example my clan was placed in Gold tier which was down to overall skill level. We were then sorted into a sub-division along with 7 other clans of equal size and activity.

If your looking to join a clan that has plenty of friendly members and a clan leader who will coordinate every step of the way....(or simply leave you to be a lone wolf slayer) then send me a message on XBL or search my clan name. Details at the bottom of this post :D


Clan: ManicTouchOClass (Division: Gold)

Manic...thanks for the info, and the offer.  I have 4 friends that I'm going to try this with.  You wouldn't want me in your much as I enjoy this game, I'm not very good.  Having a 0.5 K/D is a good night, even though I occasionally get lucky.  But I appreciate the post.  That encourages me to try out the matchmaking and see how it goes.