How did your clan do during Clan Wars?

I would love to see how everyones clan did.

Here is info from my clan

Raven Claw Mercs

4 members total

Platinum division

Third place

2 nodes controlled, hardcore kc and hunted


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Iron Fox

20+ members

Gold division

1st place

5 nodes controlled: KC, Blitz, S&R, Dom, Cranked

Stop Blitz or something like that, he changed the name.



Not sure how many nodes we finished with, we had 13 or 14 of them at one point.

Team Myrmidon

5 Members

Silver Division

1st Place

4 Nodes Controlled: Blitz, Cranked, Hardcore TDM, Kill Confirmed.

Divine Knights (DKC)  40+members (Mix of casual gamer to play every night type gamer)

Platinum Division - 2nd Place Finish

8-10ppl Active on Xbox / 8-10 Active on PlayStation

Nodes: Multiple over the course of the event.

Always looking for active members both US and EU & Xbox and PlayStation to compete in Clan Wars, Clan vs Clan, GB ETC. If interested you can come check out the guild via link above or contact myself or MaluNYMets.

Good Luck to all in the next Series.

Finished 1st in Platinum, I'm digging the patches big time


Gold Division- 3rd Place

6-8 ppl

No sure on what nodes we ended up with but we had a good time, the clanwars forces me to play game modes that I normally wouldn't touch, and for the most part I enjoyed them (really enjoyed blitz and cranked).  On the down side I doubt I'll ever end up in first based on what I've seen, I feel like we're at a big disadvantage since all of my clan members are over thirty with families and full time jobs, the other teams that we were up against seemed to have nothing but free time on their hands.

Clans Wars has nothing to do with skill, and more to do with the clan who has the most members and that plays the most games.  Out of the 8 clans in our Platinum division, none had a win% over 60% or a KD over 1.5.  The clans in my div. were just plain AWFUL.  Yet my clan with a 95% for wins came in 7th.  We didn't even try once we saw that the clan capturing all the nodes has 144 members.  Our clan is only 50 members and only about 30 are everyday, hardcore gamers, so we couldn't compete at all.  A clan with 144 members that wins 50% of the time is racking up more wins that 50 guys winning 95% of the time.  It's pretty simple math.  The whole thing is setup to reward those who play the most, not those who play the most skillfully.  BRING BACK THE LEADERBOARDS so we can see who is really running things.

The Great Ones


25 Members

1st Place

We held Domination,TD and Kill Confirmed. Only one other clan even claimed a spot!! Easy Win!!

Your clan's win% is 40% bro, and 6 of the clans in your division didn't play a single match.  Perfect example of how broken clan wars is.

So sorry Bro! About your loss, we played what was given to us. We are in the silver division this war, will let you no what happens. Take your frustrations out on someone else, Bro!